selina wragg

hi, i’m
Selina Wragg


I am an experienced marketer who has previously led growth for both venture-backed and privately funded start-ups in New York, London, and Austin



As an Innovative and creative marketer, I have over 10-years of B2B and B2C start-up experience, specialising in strategies to accelerate pipeline growth

I have impacted over $7M in opportunities,through proven lead generation tactics,that have become repeatable and systematic blueprints for growth covering content, events, and email marketing.

In 2019 I launched ‘Veuno’,a source for start-up founders,to find campaign templates and growth blueprints to help them bootstrap their way to their first marketing hire.


Before Veuno, I was the Director of Marketing for SaaS startup Welcome Commerce, where I worked closely with high-performing sales executives on a range of deals from $10K - $3M.

Working remotely from London, I led marketing through a Series B funding round, transitioned a 5-year old brand into a vibrant new identity, and delivered a completely revamped customer journey story. 

The entirely new marketing collateral I introduced jump-started sales and lead generation resulting in a 250% increase in pipeline within three quarters.

In 2017, I executed a fresh go-to-market strategy to reposition welcome’s brand and drive customer acquisition; as a result, we were able to increase pipeline by over 10x in a 30-day period.

Crafting marketing strategies and content engines to power growth and boost inbound activity is my thing. Described as a Queen of culture, an organization junky, and overall badass…



I am a competent professional who implements strategies that foster profitable long-term relationships with clients.   

By setting specific objectives to develop a cohesive and profitable marketing plan, I transform this into a tactical outline, tracked by quarterly KPIs and goals aligned with business targets.  

As a strategist, I undertake a variety of tasks, including designing digital marketing campaigns, analysis of sales and marketing metrics, exploration of competitive landscape, assessment of consumer behaviour trends, defining target customer personas, and coordinating sales and marketing to ensure brand consistency through all marketing channels.


Using a feedback blueprint, I designed after years of customer conversations, I can swiftly learn about current, past, and prospect customers, identifying their sentiment and provide a guide NPS score. This information is then disseminated among the team to identify new opportunities and proactively address customer concerns.

Working with the executive team, I will advise on techniques that drive customer acquisition and form a new go-to-market plan.

I have a proven track record of generating innovative ideas to promote products and services to increase market share.



New and existing content can be better leveraged through a clearly defined process to nurture leads from the top of the funnel through to marketing-qualified, ready to pass to your sales team. Working with high-performance sales and business development executives, I set objectives to qualify leads as they move through the funnel.

I have managed bootstrapped budgets from $10K to $250K so I can ensure wise spending and investment in revenue-generating activity

I plan campaigns, including setting up measurement and lead scoring within a CRM. I will turn websites into lead-generation engines, setting up landing pages, data-capture forms, and tracking, including Google Analytics, pixels and custom code from a CRM to record activity and learn where visitors convert and make recommendations on what can be done to improve conversion.

Ultimately, I ensure marketing activity helps to achieve ambitious customer acquisition and revenue growth objectives, this includes email drip campaigns, events, webinars, engaging presentations, seed-list creation, e-books, social media adverts, blogs, referral programs, PR, and re-targeting.


product marketing 

I lead outbound marketing activities and present products in a way that strengthen a brand and boost sales.

As a creative and quantitative thinker, I am familiar with various product marketing techniques, including pricing strategies, landing pages, ad campaigns, and product launches. Writing clear and compelling copy to describe products on websites, product descriptions, promotional materials, brochures, and sales emails, I can develop and implement the most profitable plans to position and promote products.


Through applying non-technical SEO principles to maximize reach to a target audience, I undertake basic keyword searches to craft sales pitch emails that pique potential customers’ attention and update product descriptions as needed.

Experienced in translating technical details into benefits for the end user, I use my keen eye for detail and creativity to craft compelling messages across all channels and collaborate with the design, product, and sales teams to create appealing graphics that complement the text, orchestrate and implement strategies.

Through proven test platforms, I gather valuable feedback on marketing product features, releases, and copy. I conduct competitive research to identify strong and weak points, then using this feedback I work with the engineering team to evaluate roadmap milestones and create relevant KPIs.

I also follow and analyse market trends to advise on the best positioning for products.



From writing press releases to creating a media outreach plan, to short-form copy for social media, I have creative ideas about how to engage audiences and have experience producing original content that is on-brand and adds value to existing and potential customers.

I compose editorial calendars with a defined message X for each piece, incorporating the publishing schedule, complementary images and videos, and optimisation tactics including titles, meta-descriptions, and anchored text, to ensure timely and relevant publication with increased visibility.

With experience preparing well-structured drafts, using a vast range of digital publishing platforms, I author, proofread, and edit different types of content, including blog posts, press releases, online guides, e-books, newsletters, interviews, webinars, social media posts, to Instagram stories, pitch decks, and one-pagers. I can also teach how to grow your Instagram followers and increase engagement.

Through conducting keyword and SEO research, I will make recommendations on suggested channels based on current audiences and can identify gaps in current content. by reviewing analytics.I recommend a publishing cadence across channels, introduce new topics, and advise on repurposing each piece. I make data-informed decisions from monitoring web traffic and user engagement to generate reports on performance and inform supportive PPC campaigns to amplify content.

Cohesive brand experience is crucial.

I create best practices and style guides to distribute across a team to use as reference so all communication is unified and on-brand.

I build and manage websites using WordPress and Squarespace. I create e-commerce sites using plugins and integrations such as Stripe and will review your current copy to make non-technical SEO updates to help improve discoverability.

To create a new website, I establish the purpose, based on target audience and your company objectives, create a site structure plan and wireframes for your in-house design team or preferred partner. I create web copy and crowd test this to ensure messaging is on point and provide ongoing guidance on layout, colours, and styles, as well as set-up accounts and coach contributors and editors.



I put into action best practices that enable the testing of send cadence, a/b subject lines, call-to-action placement, and copy. Start learning what works for a contact database and how best to leverage this data to create a tailored email marketing strategy.

Through identifying a target audience to grow an e-mail database, I set-up complex e-mail workflows to support lead generation campaigns whether that be in Eloqua, Pardot, Salesforce or HubSpot.

By taking the lead with email marketing strategies I manage campaigns end-to-end, ensuring emails follow industry policies and best practices.

For specific campaigns, I provide the e-mail copy for multi-touch drip campaigns. I review and segment databases so email campaigns are personalized, including using custom field information. For existing campaigns, I review performance and make recommendations on how to reduce bounce rates and improve open rates and click-through metrics.


With a genuine interest in web technologies, I generate innovative ideas to increase sales, to reach the right people at the right time to inform them about new products and events, promote a brand, and communicate crucial company updates.

Through analysis on campaign performance, I suggest improvements to minimize unsubscribes and report on sales revenue generated from e-mail marketing efforts.



I have executed multiple events,from small hosted gatherings to full sponsorship of some of the biggest trade shows in North America.

With end-to-end planning, beginning with research of potential events, determining prospect attendance, and budget reconciliation, to theme development, engagement strategy to attract interest from targets, and booth set-up and design.

My experience allows me to keep expenses to a minimum and support cost control.

Bootstrapped? No problem, I create budgets for an event, working with existing financial constraints to make recommendations on how best to invest a marketing budget.

To promote specific products or services,I will create a promotion strategy, including writing press releases and advise how to leverage media opportunities at the event.

From an existing database, or using target persona information, I create a seed list and devise an outreach plan to start an e-mail drip campaign to attendees, or secure meetings at trade shows, in order to get a product or service in front of the right people. This will be supplemented by a PPC campaign to increase the reach.

Sales and client services teams are given full support to ensure all teams are prepared for pre-event, on-site and post-event activities. I prepare and create event marketing materials including giveaways (‘swag’), supplies, signage, leave-behinds, presentations, and meeting notes, including liaising with show organizers, to coordinate shipments and set-up on-site amenities.

Most importantly, I’ll track responses, collect leads, and measure the impact of the event using a CRM and brief on follow-up plans to leverage the value of the event and move prospects through the funnel.



A no ego doer, I’m not afraid to roll up my sleeves and do the work. I believe in positive reinforcement, collaboration, and teamwork. As a mentor, I not only inspire but am quick to share knowledge so that everyone can learn.

As a marketing leader, I develop and implement cohesive marketing plans that align with business goals, setting current and long-term goals for internal teams, measuring ROI, setting KPIs, and preparing the marketing department’s budget.

I have a solid marketing background and have managed and hired teams ranging in size from two to ten marketers. Highly professional, I play a significant role shaping a company’s strategic planning and ensure that the marketing department’s activities contribute to a company’s long-term success.


My leadership style is not to micromanage, but to trust the skills of the team, empower, and provide guidance so collectively we ensure effective marketing output. Calling upon my many years of marketing experience, I jump in where needed to provide expertise. I’m not a top-down kind of leader, I love to learn from the perspective of my team and believe there is an opportunity in every idea, so I foster a creative, open and supportive environment for all.

I work within a framework that is easily implemented to create processes that allow for measurement and data-driven decisions on prioritised marketing projects. This is then distilled into regular reports and presentations for executives and the board, to demonstrate how marketing is affecting revenue and opportunities for growth.